NA Speakers

We have collected recording of speakers from all over the world. If you would like to submit a recording you have to our collection email the webmaster at

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Blaze (Click to Play)Recorded In New Jersey (1996)01/01/1996
Bob M. (Click to Play)Recorded In Harrisburg, PA In 200401/01/2004
Carol (Click to Play)Carol from Columbus Ohio
Chuck H. (Click to Play)Recorded @ ARCNA In Arizona (2007)

Chuck L - Chuck L. from Las Vegas @SFVCNA 13 MP3 loading... There may be a short delay before audio starts. Use the pause and play buttons above to control playback.

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Eddie C. (Click to Play)Recorded In Phoenix, AZ In 200701/01/2007
Evony M. (Click to Play)Recorded @ ARCNA In Arizona (2007)05/01/2007
Fran O. (Click to Play)Recorded @ WCNA31 In Hawaii
Gina (Click to Play)Gina from NY at WCNA-32
Gina B. (Click to Play)Recorded @ Kentucky Regional Convention 200609/06/2006
Jimmy K. (NA Founder) (Click to Play)Recorded in 198101/01/1981
JoAnne V. (Click to Play)Recorded @ Florida SCRNA 200611/01/2006
Kalis (Click to Play)
Kate (Click to Play)Kate_Toronto Canada
Kermit O (Click to Play)Kermit O. Virginia recorded@ OKRCNA
Lorraine (Click to Play)Lorraine from San Antonio Tx CADNA
Noni (Click to Play)"Big Not Basic"
Rebecca R (Click to Play)Rebecca R. from San Francisco speaking @ ARCNA 01
Speakers From Our Group (
Connie D. (Click to Play)Recorded In Montreal In 200501/01/2005
Connie D. (Click to Play)Recorded @ CIACNA IV (Indianapolis, Indiana)09/23/2007
Connie D. (Click to Play)Talk On 5th Tradition. Recorded @ Rocky Point.11/01/2007
Connie D. (Click to Play)Speaking In Mexicali