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Online meetings are held every day at 3:00pm and 8:00pm EST. There is also a "candlelight meeting" every Saturday night at 11:59PM EST.

You can also type !nextmeeting into the chat to see how many hours until our next meeting.

All Links open in new windows so as to not interrupt chat.

NACHATROOM.ORG - Self Support/Contribution Information

NACHATROOM.ORG pays $30 a month in rent to the Never Alone Alano Club. You can visit that page to see the current status of our monthly rent.

Monthly rent paid to NAAC covers our website/chatroom hosting and our chat robot.

Mike (Mike112780) is our Group Treasurer.

Robert G (misterpickles) does our compliance/regulatory/business filings.

In addition to our rent, it costs the group $99/year to remove ads from Mibbit, $25/year to file annual compliance reports in the State of Wisconsin, $49/year for our Registered Agent service, and $59/year to renew our three domains.

Make a one time donation NACHATROOM.ORG for Group Rent to NAAC:

You can also sign up to make a recurring $1/mo donation directly to NAAC.

Divesture/Spinoff as an Alano Club

NACHATROOM.ORG spun its assets and technology of into a non-profit Alano Club where meetings are held on the Internet. This frees the group to focus on carrying its message and simply covering rent instead of the technical challenges involved with running this website.

NACHATOOM.ORG will remain largely unchanged, but other groups and fellowships will be welcome on the platform that our visitors enjoy today.

What is an Alano Club?

  • A source of information about alcoholism and addiction.
  • A meeting place for recovery groups to have meetings on a regular basis.
  • A facility to provide social and recreational activities for the recovering addict/alcoholic and their families in a clean and sober environment.
  • A contact point for individuals seeking assistance in the recovery process.
  • A non-profit corporation owned solely by its members and funded entirely through dues, contributions.

  • Any two or three addicts gathered together may call themselves an N.A. group, provided that, as a group, they have no other affiliation. This website is not endorsed by any Narcotics Anonymous entity other than NACHATROOM.ORG.